Mission & Vision

School Vision

To provide students with the knowledge and skills to become lifelong learners and productive members of society.

School Mission Statement

The mission of Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary is to create and maintain a safe and caring environment which ensures that each student will reach proficiency as determined by state and national standards. A comprehensive system of support will be used to assure success.

School Beliefs

We believe…

Student learning is the main focus of the school.

The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative for our school to enable students and staff to be confident, self-directed, life-long learners.

Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual needs.

A wide range of data and assessments are crucial in planning both present and future goals for each student.

Educators are responsible for achieving academic benchmarks through the use of research-based strategies.

Positive support and recognition of achievement improves success.

All students shall be challenged on a continuous basis to enable them to reach the highest potential that is possible.

The entire school is a learning community.

All personnel engage in continuous growth opportunities.

Parents, students, and staff share the responsibility for student learning.

Positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students, parents, community, and staff enhance all students’ self-esteem and academic potential.

Blue Star

School Pledge

I will act in such a way
That I will be proud of myself,
And others will be proud of me, too.

I came to school to learn,
And I will learn.

I will have a good day!

School Motto

"We share the past.
We serve the present.
We educate the future."

School Colors

Because Bobby Ray served as a hospital corpsman, 2nd class in the U.S.Navy, navy and white represent the colors of Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School.  In 2016-17, to represent the gold star medal of honor that was given to Bobby Ray, the color gold was added to our school colors.